Fast trip to Cannes

Sept  10, 2019.  From Boston MA.    I am in Boston and have exciting news. I became an American citizen this week!  And I just received my new passport today!!!

While in Boston, I have had some comments on my YouTube videos from friends. There was one request to show more of Tiller, more scenery, and not just sailing.  (CB). I’ll try!  The YouTube below is very much a sailing video. Thanks to Mark who took all the shots because I was not on board. I plan to post more video and less writing and pictures because they are so much fun to make. I would really appreciate if all my blog followers would also subscript to our BioTrek-sailing YouTube channel.

 BioTrek will be shown in Cannes Yacht Show Sept 10-15, and Matthieu at Outremer helped Pierre find crew to go with him since I could not go. Benjamin Sueur, who we worked closely with during the purchase of BioTrek, was aboard. Also Mark and Marijke from Holland.  Mark made the videos, and for those who want to see more please see his full length videos at

Apologies for the upside down photos on iphone my last blog. They were only upside down on iphone, not on the computer. Even my web designer could not figure that one out. Another reason to stick to video!

I look forward to getting back on board Biotrek later this week and catching the end of the boat show in Cannes

5 thoughts on “Fast trip to Cannes”

    1. I watched the video on YouTube and it was amazing. The boat looks great! and I am speechless after seeing that top speed. Looking forward more videos.


  1. Great weather Great performance on the boat And the hardy crew . Thank you for sharing this incredible Top-of-the-line sailing cat Video . Can’t wait to see your next port of call . Happy memories Captain Dennis

  2. Lisa and Pierre … Really enjoy the “travels with you”. Take care and enjoy ! And that other crew member “Tiller”

    1. Bev, Thanks for watching and I am glad you enjoy. I am having so much fun making videos that I will not alwAys post on the web, so to get notifications subscribe on the YouTube site as well. Best wishes!!

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