BioTrek maiden voyage

August 26, 2019, 2 am. From the Mediterranean Sea.  

See video of our trip by clicking the picture below:

The rushing water is the continuous sound as the boat glides through the water at 7.5 knots. A ship just passed us 3 miles to starboard, going in the opposite direction.  A clear light with no moon —  stars are fantastic! And then a golden sliver of a moon rises behind the boat. This is a typical night watch on a clear evening; uneventful, calm and breathtaking  as I explore the stars with my binoculars.  

The rising moon just over the horizon at 2:30 am

We left at 7 pm to return to La Grande Motte from Corsica. This was a very short trip because I must catch a flight from Montpellier to return to Canada then Boston. Our friends from Florida, Jean-Marc and Melissa Zanni were in Spain, and joined us for the outward trip to Corsica before flying back to Spain and home. After they left, Pierre and I explored  tranquil bays  and enjoyed swimming in the warm, clear waters. A visit to Bonifacio will need to wait until after BioTrek is shown at the Cannes Boat Show Sept 10-15.  

On this passage, we will be 2 nights at sea, with a planned arrival early morning Tuesday. Pierre is asleep. On overnight passages,  I always sleep first and do my shift in the wee hours. I will stay up until too tired, or wake up Pierre if there are decisions or sail changes. An advantage to sailing as a couple is that we don’t need a precise watch schedule, we just find our own pace.  

See the youtube video of our trip with this link:

8 thoughts on “BioTrek maiden voyage”

  1. Loved watching the video and was wowed at how fast the boat was travelling!!! ?. Looks like you are living the dream. Congratulations ??❤️

  2. Bonsoir,
    je viens de visionner votre site et la video en direction de la Corse vraiment vous avez un tres joli bateau bien equipe je vous souhaite à tous les deux ainsi que le chien d en profiter longtemps.
    Giovannetti daniel

  3. Thank you for including us in this wonderful trip. A fabulous experience, too short! Jean-Marc & Melissa Zanni

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