We post videos on YouTube to share our sailing and travel adventures and to raise awareness of Cerebral Cavernous Malformation (CCM). If you enjoy our videos and wish to support our initiative, please use this link.

If you SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE and give each video a like it helps on on our mission to find a cure for CCM.

We named the our Outremer 5X sailing catamaran BioTrek for Lisa’s passion to explore our biological world, and Pierre’s passion for StarTrek and exploration of unknown destinations. With our previous catamaran, also named BioTrek, we sailed around the world then returned full-time to our careers. Now we are doing it again and we are pleased to share our adventures while supporting The Alliance to Cure cavernous malformation. Cerebral cavernous malformation (called CCM) is a silent disease that can strike suddenly. It can cause seizures, stroke, and targeted neurological dysfunction, depending on the location of the CCM. Click here for information on CCM .

Our travels are documented on our YouTube channel @biotreksailing. So far we have traveled over 21,000 miles. We sailed the the Mediterranean summer 2019, crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean December 2019. In the pandemic spring of 2020 we returned to our home in New England then returned to the Caribbean May 2021. We crossed the Panama canal to French Polynesia March 2022. In April 2023 we will set sail for new destinations and re-join the GLYWO world rally. We sail with our dog Tiller and enjoying sharing our adventures with you!