Getting Tiller in Aigues Mortes and New YouTube of Cannes Yachting Festival

Sept 23, 2019. Bonifacio, Corsica.   Hello from Corsica! I have found a new medium that I love – video!!!

 I have just uploaded a new video on YouTube  -link below. I have another  video to post once we get better internet,  but I will not be writing  a new blog to announce it, nor each time when a new video is posted. To continue following the videos, please subscript to BioTrek-sailing on YouTube. This is where the action will be!!

I plan to continue the web site to post some technical information, newsletters, and miscellaneous information for friends and family. But, for the latest information, please push the subscribe button on the biotrek-sailing YouTube channel. If  you also hit the bell, you will be notified when a new video is posted. Please give us a like if you want us to continue to make content of our travels with our dog Tiller.

The new content to be posted next week will be 1) welcoming a new crew on board, Sandy Vanden Branden; 2)  end of the Cannes Yachting festival; 3)  sail to Corsica where we spot an over-tuned boat  offshore. Please stay tuned to YouTube!

2 thoughts on “Getting Tiller in Aigues Mortes and New YouTube of Cannes Yachting Festival”

  1. Thank you. Lisa What a great video you made of all those cats I love the conversation with the guy on the gun cat . You are truly the hostess with the most ess great videos of show . Fair winds and safe passage To all your destinations Known and unknown . Capt D ; )

  2. Wow! What a great video! Good job Lisa. Beautiful yacht! Have a happy safe sailing. Hello to my dear friend Sandy.

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