St. Lucia Island Time

September, 202, 2021.  Wow – time has gone by so quickly since we sailed to the Caribbean in May!  If you want to catch up with what we did all summer, see our videos on YouTube. Our latest video is about our plans for next year and the Grande Large Yachting World Odyssey, a rally that we joined  (YouTube link is on the home page).

Between boat work,  business, volunteer work, YouTube, and more boat work, there never seems to be enough time each day. Pierre is continuously working on BioTrek to do the ongoing maintenance, adjust and repair systems  and make sure is all is ready to take off at any time. Lisa works on scientific papers, keeps things organized and the crew fed, the dog walked, and is doing some volunteer work to use her scientific credentials to explain vaccination to people who work in the St Lucia tourist industry. Delta has arrived in St. Lucia with a vengeance because the vaccination rate is very low. It is not lack of vaccine supply that is the problem, it is misinformation from social media.

BioTrek was inducted in a cruiser’s Musical Group in St Lucia after a trip to Rodney Bay!!! See the picture of our new flag! Lisa started to learn the piano 5 months ago, having never played before, and finds time to practice while  Pierre is learning EWI (electronic wind instrument).  Musicians sharing music makes such a fun evening (and we are all vaccinated and outside).

Mainly, life here is quiet. Labor Day has come and gone, and it is the lowest of low season. The anchorages are empty,  restaurants outside covid-certified resorts are closed,  and traveling between islands remains problematic so we stay put. The upside of staying in one place is that we are really getting to know St. Lucian and the more we know the more we love it. Walking a dog means that everyone knows us, or at least they know Tiller, who is much admired for her good behavior and good looks!  And my volunteer work is appreciated because people stop to tell me so. I just hope it helps St. Lucia gets on track with to beat Covid.

Some people  thought we were nuts to head south in May just before hurricane season. So far, we are snug and comfortable  and have missed the storms that have hit the northeast.  Hurricane season is reaching the peak, and we feel safe in our hurricane hole and have no plans to go anywhere until November or December. I will update again when we are on the move.

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