Ready to Go!

Nov. 25, 2021. With the end of hurricane season, BioTrek is  now in Martinique and we are ready to  join the Grande Large Yachting Round the World Rally (GLYWO 500) when they arrive in the Caribbean next month. This is where the fleet is now.

Our 2022 plan is to sail to Panama, cross the canal to the Pacific side, and head off towards the South Pacific. We hope to spend lots of time in remote locations. We spent the summer hurricane season getting BioTrek in top shape, and we are ready to go! Boats do require lots of preventative maintenance, as anyone with a boat knows. The more prepared you are the more time to enjoy remote locations. Pierre always says it take 2 years to get a boat the way you want it, irrespective if you bought used or new. BioTrek is now 2 ½ years old and note that BioTrek was 6 months on the hard last winter, so 2 years is pretty accurate!

Some non-sailors have asked us “what is it like to live on a boat?”  It is like living on a moving home! It is not 100% vacation time because sailing takes lots of dedicated time to follow weather, plan a sailing route, and learn new stuff about the electronics and systems on board. While we are sailing long passages across oceans we do watches, and get lots of exercise when we put our downwind headsails  up or down.

I (Lisa) love documenting our travels with photos and videos. In 2022 we will be sailing to new places and we look forward to showcasing the beauty of the ocean and  places we visit. So rather than a vlog, expect fewer, but high quality (hopefully) videos to document our sailing adventures. Please comment on the type of YouTube videos you enjoy most and would like to see.

On this Thanksgiving Day we have much to be thankful for! We especially give thanks to all our friends and family who mean the world to us, even if we are far away. Please keep in touch!

BioTrek leaving USA to head south
Family sailing with us in August

4 thoughts on “Ready to Go!”

  1. Look forward to following your journey and perhaps seeing in in the south pacific or even Australia!
    Anna & Graeme
    Cara Mia 5X

    1. Looking forward to seeing you too! We will not see you in Australia because we plan to divert from the rally to go north to Indonesia and Thailand for the southern cyclone season. Maybe we will see you there?

  2. MingMing, our daughter in law, forwarded your blog to us.

    We are former sailors, having raced an IOR one-ton for many years, then trying to change it to a cruising boat. The 65 foot mast with a bolt rope instead of hanks made a two person cruise exciting when it was windy. But we cruised that boat from the Chesapeake to Newfoundland and everywhere in between. We also chartered boats in Australia, in the Med, in the Caribbean . . .

    It is really fun to follow your journey.


    Ruth and Tom McMullin

    1. So nice to have your message! I am going to post Youtube videos a littles less often, but hope to keep up a monthly blog. Regards, Lisa

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