Friday before launch: Pictures!

May 24  2019 – La Grande Motte, France.  Since our arrival in France we have been visiting the Outremer factory on Fridays. Today is special because the boat will be launched next week. The first thing I noticed – the hull design is done! I selected the design after outsourcing a competition to DesignCrowd. I think it looks fantastic! What about you, readers of this blog?

Starboard hull of BioTrek showing boat name and hull design.

There is a flurry of activity to be ready. All the wiring, plumbing, appliances, engines, are in the boat – much of the large stuff (engines, water tanks, etc) were installed before the upper deck was attached to the hull. Now the cabinetry is being finished and we can really start to see what the boat will be like inside.

Starboard galley. The induction plate will be installed above the oven.

Port galley refrigerators and freezer.
Port hull looking toward master cabin
Lisa’s office in the port hull
Navigation station in main saloon – instruments are not yet installed

Outside, the teak decking is being installed today.

Starting to lay the teak decking

The anti-fouling will be done over the weekend, the props, and rudders will be installed. Then, next Tuesday, the main road of La Grande Motte will be closed as the boat is taken from the Outremer warehouse where it has been under construction, to the marina across the street for launch by crane. Watch for pictures and videos on the launch coming up next week!

Looking toward the bow from the platform behind the boat

3 thoughts on “Friday before launch: Pictures!”

  1. Thank you for sharing your photos. It’s fun to be a part of the building of your boat. It gives us a greater appreciation of how it comes together. I love your office Lisa! ?

  2. How exciting! The boat looks fantastic. I zoomed in on your photos and both you and Lisa have very big smiles! What exciting times this must be. It is like me talking about my yacht club for so many years that then happened! May all our dreams keep coming true.

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