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This blog is to let everyone follow us as we prepare our new boat, and get ready to sail again. With weddings and grandchildren, our family is growing!

For a bit of history, we sold our 56 ft Navigator “Current Obsession” and 26 ft Mirage sailboat “Extra Dry” in Boston last year, after spending our summers cruising around Cape Cod.  While Cape Cod is beautiful in the summer, maintaining boats in the winter is not so fun.  We have been yearning for another blue-water boat that we can keep in warmer waters. Over the last few years we have looked at both motor yachts and sailing catamarans at boat shows. After lots of soul searching and discussion with family, we decided to get a catamaran again. At heart we are sailors, but motor boats are fun too, and certainly motor boats are more comfortable in cold waters (ie in winter). But we plan to spend time in the tropics, so another catamaran seemed best for us right now.

We first saw an Outremer 5X catamaran when the series was first launched, and we were intrigued.   We favor comfort and performance, and a test sail in France summer 2018 aboard POMIII confirmed that the 5X has both.  (Thank  you to Mapie and Domi for inviting us!). Our semi-custom boat is under construction, with state-of-the art sails, electronics, and an electrical system with energy storage based on Tesla batteries.

Predicted launch date late June 2019!

I wrote this first blog on American Thanksgiving when we were in NY with Krista and Michael. We also celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in October at our home in Boston with Mom, Dad, David, Emily, Julian, Vanessa, Yuki, Adrian, Tom and Jeannie. We are hoping to see you aboard!

7 thoughts on “Current Plans”

  1. Congratulations Pierre & Lisa on your latest acquisition. Robert says he is practicing his bowline knot blindfolded with one hand and reef knot with his teeth! I on the other hand would love to witness you break champagne on the maiden launch from France! I’ll stay tuned for the video ???

  2. Hi Lisa and Pierre – After chatting with you I have been considering an Cat for my excursion too and it just so happens my favorite is the Outremer! Fair winds. Phil

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